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About MILO, Inc.

MILO is a journalist, author, pundit, a provocateur, a crusader, and an entertainer. An accomplished speaker, he has visited over 40 college campuses across the United States in his Dangerous Faggot Tour of 2016, and is planning a major 2017-18 college and commercial tour. His upcoming book Dangerous has already reached the top of the Amazon bestseller list on two occasions, based on preorders alone. He has been seen on Real Time with Bill Maher, Justice with Judge Jeanine, and Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

MILO is more than just a political speaker. Whether its dressing up in drag to criticize the alt-right, or subjecting himself to an on-stage hazing to defend college fraternities, MILO doesn’t just give speeches – he gives performances. His unique mix of entertainment, political commentary and provocation has made him the leading voice for a generation of young men and women dedicated to free speech, particularly on campus.

Wherever MILO goes, controversy follows. His appearance at U.C Berkeley in February 2017 led to riots, instigated by left-wing activists for whom burning down a campus is less offensive than letting MILO speak. MILO has attracted criticism from just about everybody! Including, but not limited to: the alt-right, the establishment right, progressives, feminists, Black Lives Matter anti-fascists, actual fascists, and establishment libertarians.

MILO’s latest venture is MILO INC, a new media enterprise with $12 million in funding from private donors, which will fund a 30-person team based out of Miami, Florida. The new company will manage MILO’s tours, merchandise, books, radio, and TV opportunities, as well as a new speaker bureau of free-speech warriors. Its motto is “Laughter and War.”


  • Banned from Twitter
  • 2.2 million Facebook followers
  • Over 74,500,000 views on YouTube
  • Former Senior Editor at Breitbart News
  • 25,000,000 weekly post reach on Facebook
  • Recipient of the Annie Taylor Award for Courage
  • Author of DANGEROUS, the bestseller
  • The speaker at the center of the February 1 2017 Berkeley riot
  • Founder of the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant, a higher education scholarship fund for disadvantaged white males
  • 2016’s “Most Disinvited Speaker” on college campuses, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education