MILO, Inc. is hiring!
MILO, Inc. is hiring the best and the brightest.If you are talented, fearless, and ready to fight for free speech and western culture, apply today!We will constantly update this page with open opportunities.We expect a resume and cover letter.

In-House Publicist
The Publicist is responsible for the proper representation of Milo and Milo, Inc. in the global media. The Publicist must promote Milo and the Milo, Inc. manifesto while zealously defending Milo from baseless smears in the media, including seeking corrections and apologies. Other core responsibilities include finding and booking media opportunities and appearances for Milo, supporting nationwide tours via organizing local media, and consulting with Milo’s core management team about the appropriateness of media opportunities.ApplyThe ideal candidate must have significant experience in the publicity field with a demonstrated track record of success working with the most controversial level of celebrity in America. This position may be located outside of our Miami offices, but frequent travel is expected.

In-House Hair and Makeup Artist
The Hair and Makeup Artist is responsible for accentuating Milo’s visual presentation in a variety of mediums including studio TV appearances, live TV/video, and live speaking events. The Hair and Makeup Artist must be adept at managing a wide variety of lighting conditions, working collaboratively with Milo to achieve a successful image, and teaming up effectively with the wardrobe department.ApplyThe ideal candidate must have experience with managing the image of celebrities or extensive experience in a high-end salon. Certification is helpful but not required. This position is located in Miami, but extensive travel is required.

Tour Manager
The Tour Manager is responsible for the on-scene management of all tour operations. The tour manager works closely with the executive team, talent, booking manager, and tour team to develop a detailed tour schedule, logistical plan, and tour budget. Other core responsibilities include managing and maintaining discipline of tour crew, coordinating with college and commercial venues to effectively manage events, handling tour payments and petty cash, and ensuring event success.ApplyThe ideal candidate has extensive experience managing tours with controversial acts. References and work experience documentation is required. A college degree is a plus but not required. This candidate may be based outside of our Miami offices but is expected to be on-site for all tour events.

Assistant Tour Manager
The Assistant Tour Manager is responsible for acting as the second-in-command during tour operations. The Assistant Tour Manager will work closely with teams within tour operations to effectively implement the Tour Manager’s plans. The Assistant Tour Manager will coordinate with security, merchandise, and Milo’s personal staff to ensure timetables are met and safety and quality is maintained.ApplyThe ideal candidate has experience in tour management; experience with managing on-site merchandise is a plus. This candidate may be based outside of our Miami offices but is expected to be on-site for all tour events.

Social Media Manager
The Social Media Manager is responsible for maximizing the reach and continued growth of Milo and Milo, Inc. social media accounts through innovative fan engagement and content strategies. The Social Media Manager will have oversight over all social media platforms and will be tasked with designing a holistic approach to successfully achieving organizational objectives around social media metrics. Other responsibilities include working with content teams, designing campaigns to support new products such as book launches, and driving customers to core products such as tour events and Milo livestream events.ApplyThe ideal candidate must have a track record of success managing social media for a prestige brand. Celebrity experience is preferred, but not necessary. A college degree is a plus but not a requirement. This is a virtual position.

Finance Director
The Finance Director is responsible for managing all aspects of the finance function for Milo, Inc. This includes but is not limited to accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and vendor agreements. The Finance Director will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer and work closely with senior management to manage expenses and develop systems to track revenues, payables, and approve purchases. The Finance Director is also expected to assist senior management with personal finances.ApplyThe ideal candidate must have experience in a senior finance role and a college degree. An advanced degree and CPA or other certification is preferred. This candidate may be based outside of our Miami offices.

General Counsel
The General Counsel is responsible for the legal needs of Milo, Inc. The General Counsel is expected to zealously defend Milo, Inc. in the legal system including issuing cease & desist letters, and when necessary pursuing slander and defamation lawsuits to defend Milo’s reputation. The General Counsel will work closely with the Chief Executive Officer to review contracts, create NDAs, and protect Milo, Inc. from legal threats. The General Counsel will work with a team of specialists when necessary.ApplyThe General Counsel must be a practicing lawyer. The ideal candidate is an entertainment lawyer skilled in handling celebrities, record labels, authors, and similar figures. Experience with controversial and high profile clients is necessary for success in this position.