About MILO, Inc.

MILO, Inc. is a 360-degree media company conceived of and founded by MILO Yiannopoulos. MILO, Inc. is dedicated to leading the battle for the soul of western civilization by harnessing MILO’s unique blend of laughter and war. Inspired by Andrew Breitbart’s insight that politics is downstream from culture, MILO, Inc. will focus on big picture issues like free speech on campus, the evils of Islam, and the defense of Western values.MILO, Inc. is a cutting edge media organization focused on multiple verticals:
  • Producing entertaining and factual material across multiple platforms including text, audio, and video.
  • Publishing books in both electronic and paper formats written by MILO and also by other authors.
  • Performing live speaking tours at college campuses, commercial venues, as well as at international locations.
  • Developing compelling television content suitable for networks, streaming services, or Internet broadcast.
MILO, Inc. is based in Florida and can be found at www.milo-inc.com.

About MILO Yiannopoulos
MILO. That single name commands the attention of millions of fans and millions of angry detractors. MILO has risen from being a British tech journalist to the fabulous voice of an entire generation of young dissidents in America.MILO remains a mystery to much of the country -- how can a flamboyantly gay Brit appeal to audiences as diverse as college students, active-duty soldiers, and grandparents? His fearless personality, ability to be both funny and factual, and take-no-prisoners approach to the culture war all help.MILO is hated by everyone from feminists to islamists, but along the way has stood up for free speech -- not to mention everyone that the PC police ignores and sidelines.MILO is an award-winning journalist, the hottest ticket in any town his tour stops in, and the ultimate voice for people of all ages that stand up for fun, freedom, and western civilization.